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MEHER MANGOLDT INDUCTORS PVT LTD located in Bangalore, is a joint venture between HANS VON MANGOLDT, Germany and MEHER Group, India for the design & manufacture of Iron Core & Air Core Reactors. The joint venture will focus on addressing the Indian market needs & will expand into other targeted regions.
INDFARAD Technologies the business unit of Meher Group, which manufacturers reactors under the brand name of INDFARAD transferred its entire business to Meher Mangoldt.

Our Value Proposition

The experience of over four decades of Mangoldt combined with three decades of Meher’s strong presence in this field in India offers a distinctly superior long term value proposition to customers in India and across selected geographies. 
Meher Mangoldt posses the unique ability to offer a wide range of both Air Core & Iron Core Reactors for a variety of applications.

The combination of Design, Engineering & Manufacturing activities across Germany, China & India reinforces capabilities that are critical for developing competitive products and delivers unparalleled value to System Designers, Application Engineers and Users.

HvM is leading producer of iron core reactors for all applications like power factor control, power inverters such as wind & solar, industrial drives, UPS battery chargers, etc. for more than 45 years. The focus of production is the application of correct manufacturing of iron core reactors and inductors for the right application.

HvM certified products meet the highest quality standards and are in use worldwide. Through continuous improvement in measurement technology and the development of our products, we are a reliable partner for our customers and the market leader in many countries.


About MEHER Group, India

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, since 1977, MEHER Group has business interests in strategically selected areas in the energy domain, such as Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, Reactors/Inductors and Thin Film Dielectrics.

Meher group has a presence across a wide range of customers in the energy domain, such as Power Electronic & Electrical OEM’s, Distributors, Trade, Panel Builders & Solution providers as well as Large Industrial Groups.