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Meher Mangoldt Inductors Pvt. Ltd. (MMIPL) offers a proven range of thermo-dynamically designed, reliable Air-Core & Iron-Core reactors for application in Power Systems.


Meher Mangoldt also offers high performance reactors for motor drives and frequency converter applications. The Renewable Energy industry presents interesting challenges for reactor manufacturers. The electrical energy generated by wind turbines or PV panels is fed into the grid through special converters using either a series reactor or reactors combined with capacitors to form an input harmonic filter. The main issue for such reactors is the fundamental current load combined with a considerable amount of superimposed harmonics and ripple currents. In particular, these ripple currents can reach significant amplitudes and frequencies can be in the region of 3kHz to 28kHz. These demanding characteristics create the need for precise design of the Iron-Core structure to achieve the desired electrical performance and to avoid excessive heat and noise. Our Reactors have proven to maintain their inductive properties and reliability in both rigorous and diverse applications throughout their lifespan. Mangoldt’s PolyGap™ technology achieves high linearity and stable inductance within the specified frequency spectrum while minimizing the intensity of stray magnetic fields.