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Filter Reactors

The increasing presence of nonlinear loads and the widespread use of power electronic-switching devices in industrial power systems is causing an increase of harmonics in the power system. Filter Reactors are used in series with Capacitors to minimize the negative effect of harmonics on other power system components.

LV & MV Iron-Core Filter Reactors


MMIPL offers a superior & proven range of German designed Iron-Core Filter Reactors. The scope of production covers the entire spectrum of single- and three phase Iron-Core reactors for capacitor detuning (capacitor protection/blocking reactors) and for tuned harmonic filters (filter reactors).

For 50 & 60 Hz Low Voltage systems between 120 and 1000V and Medium Voltage systems between 3kV and 36kV, there is virtually no limit to the tailor-made reactor ratings that are possible.

The winding material is either aluminium band (foil), copper band or magnet wire. In case of aluminium band, solid copper busbar terminals are secured to the aluminium using cold pressure welding to provide a reliable lifetime connection.

PolyGap™ designed cores enable our reactors to maintain constant inductance over a wide range of current and frequency and minimize power losses.